Pampers Club Loyalty Programme Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Pampers Club Loyalty Programme!

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) contain the conditions for using Pampers Club Loyalty Programme (also referred later as “the Programme”), Procter & Gamble UK’s official loyalty programme for Pampers nappies, pants and wipes within the Pampers Club.

From here on, we’ll call you “you” as the user or member of Pampers Club (which includes membership of the Loyalty Programme), and call ourselves “P&G”, "Pampers", “we” or “us”.

Before getting started with the Programme, please read these Terms carefully and register to use the Programme only if you agree. Sometimes we may need to change these Terms, and this may impact the Programme points or rewards, including the points you may have already accrued.

Participation is subject to these Terms and also subject to P&G’s General Terms & Conditions found here:, as well as the Terms of Use of the Pampers Club mobile application, without which the Loyalty Programme could not work! All three are referred to as “Our Terms” from now on. You can find the Terms of Use of the app in the Annex below.

You can find out more about Pampers Club and the Programme here:

If you have questions, visit:

1. The Programme in a few words

How the Programme Works

It’s easy! Buy Pampers nappies, pants or wipes and add your receipts to the Pampers Club mobile application (from here on called the “App”) to earn points. Then you can redeem these points for fun rewards for you or your baby.

Who Is Pampers Club Loyalty Programme For?

It’s for parents! You must be an individual aged 16 and over and a resident of the UK to join.

Rarely, P&G may need to exclude someone from Pampers Club and/or the Programme if they don’t adhere to Our Terms.

2. Your Privacy

P&G UK is the controller of the information you provide: this may include your personal details and information we get as part of your registration process. It can also include the additional information you may share when updating your details and the entire information contained on your purchase receipts when uploading them.

We will process your data under our Privacy Policy which you can find here: We use your information to provide you with personalized and relevant offers of coupons and samples, information about Pampers Club, the Programme or other P&G products, as well as other communications from P&G. We may also invite you to participate in surveys or consumer research.

Your information may be transferred outside the European Union – but it will still enjoy adequate data protection and safeguards. We can also share the information with other P&G entities and third parties we work with. For example, a third party could be a company that delivers your reward to you.

You can change your preferences and subscriptions, and exercise your data protection rights by clicking here:

Data protection rights: as explained in our Privacy Policy, you may access, correct, erase, transfer to another provider, object to or restrict our processing of the personal data we have about you, or withdraw your consent. And If you are not happy with our response to your requests, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection authority in your country.

To find out more, read our Privacy Policy:

3. How to enter the Programme

Create a Pampers Club Account

Register at or download the Pampers Club App on your mobile (available for iOS & Android operation systems) and register within the App. Creating a Pampers Club Account opens up the Programme to you.

Earn Points

You earn Pampers Club points by purchasing any Pampers nappies, pants or wipes from a retailer only in the UK and submitting eligible receipts. Your points are personal and cannot be shared with or transferred to others. On that note, points can be redeemed for rewards that take various forms like gift cards or actual gifts, but they have no other value, including a cash value.

Keep Your Account Safe

Please keep your password safe! If you suspect or notice any unauthorised activity on your account, please let us know right away via

Keep Your Account Up to Date

Update your personal and contact details regularly so we can ship your rewards to the correct address.
Keep Your Account Active

Any accrued points will expire if your account is inactive for 12 consecutive months following your last uploaded receipt, so keep up the good work!

4. Receipts and Points

Eligibility of Receipts

To be eligible, a receipt must include the store name, date of the purchase, item(s) name, product code/SKU (if available) and product prices. The receipt can be a store receipt or an online invoice if you did not purchase your products from a physical store.

Submission of Receipts

You must submit the receipt to the Pampers Club App within 30 days of the purchase. You may not submit more than five receipts per day. Each receipt cannot exceed a maximum value of £200.

When Will Points Be Credited?

We will credit your account in a timely manner once your receipt is validated by the system, but if you think something’s gone wrong you must make a claim to P&G within six months of when you submitted the receipt for the points in question. You can do that by contacting us at

Naturally we will only be able to respond positively to such claim if the programme is active. If the programme is no longer active and your claim is still pending, we hope that where applicable, we can substitute these points with coupons.

Liability for Errors

We will try to credit your points accurately and in a timely manner and will do our best to rectify any errors that we have made, but – to the extent permitted by law – P&G is not responsible for any delay or inability to credit points to your account or inability to provide account statements.

Point Expiration

Remember that your points will expire if you are inactive for at least 12 months so don’t forget to redeem them before they expire. Naturally, points will also expire if the Programme terminates on the programme termination date.

Bonus Points

From time to time you may be able to benefit from bonus points through special offers we may make or from offers of one of our promotional partners. All details and conditions on how to benefit from the bonus points will be provided in the offers. Otherwise the present terms shall apply.

Point Cancellation

P&G reserves the right to cancel the points on your account if P&G determines that the points were earned in an irregular manner, or that they were obtained in a fraudulent manner or in any manner that violates our Terms. P&G reserves the right to require proof of how the points were earned and to delay your ability to redeem points while compliance with Our Terms is identified.

5. Refer a friend

The Pampers Club Friend Referral Scheme

Refer your friends to the Programme and earn more points. In order to refer your friends, you must be a Pampers Club member and reside in the UK. And just to be clear: you cannot refer existing Pampers Club members.

The Bonus for Friend Referrals

Where the scheme is available, if you refer a friend, both you and your friend will earn 100 points after your friend registers with the Programme and successfully submits their first receipt.

When You’ll Receive Your Referral Bonus

Where the scheme is operational, the 100-point referral bonus is awarded to you and your referred friend within 28 days of your friend successfully submitting their first receipt.

6. Redeeming Your Points for Rewards

Pampers Reward Catalogue

Points may be redeemed for rewards in the reward catalogue, which is published and updated on and in the App. Points are deducted from your account when you request a reward.

Special Conditions for Rewards

There may be special conditions associated with specific rewards. These are listed in the rewards catalogue.

Checking Your Delivery Address

If you choose a reward that needs to be delivered to a physical address, you must check that the delivery address you have listed is correct at the time of redemption. We’re not responsible if you submit a wrong address, so always double check!

Loss or Theft of Rewards

Unless otherwise provided by law, P&G is not responsible for the loss or theft of rewards, for delays, or for failure to receive rewards. We are not responsible if you didn’t receive your reward, unless we sent it to a different address to what was listed at the time of redemption.

Reward Delivery Time

It usually takes about four to six weeks for physical rewards to be delivered. It may take more time in exceptional circumstances or in high peak redemption time.

Reward Availability

The availability and diversity of rewards may change at any time. Some rewards may be limited in availability, in time and are provided on a first come, first served basis. If a reward you ordered is not delivered for instance because it is not available, P&G reserves the right to substitute to it product coupons.

7. Acceptable Use

In the interest of providing a fair experience that works for all honest Club members, Pampers Club accounts may only be used in compliance with Our Terms, and naturally, any applicable law.

Account Termination

P&G may suspend or terminate your account and cancel any points if P&G deems that you have failed to respect one or more of the provisions of Our Terms, or applicable laws, or have otherwise acted in a detrimental or fraudulent manner.

8. Amendment of the Terms

P&G reserves the right to modify any element of Pampers Club and/or the Programme at any time, like the points structure, the ways to earn points, the rewards offered and their value, the bonus-point offers and other aspects of Pampers Club and/or the Programme – and generally Our Terms, but we aim to give you a reasonable amount of notice about any change that might affect you.

The most up-to-date and prevailing version of Our Terms is located on the Pampers website and takes precedent over other communications about the Programme. Using Pampers Club and/or the Programme by uploading a receipt or redeeming points or updating your details in the system after any change in Our Terms has been published means you accept the changes.

It is your sole responsibility to update the application downloaded on your mobile device to ensure you have the latest update of Our Terms and the app, and that you can also receive notifications.

9. Programme Termination

You should not rely on the continued availability of the Programme, the app, the Gifts offered in the catalogue or points accumulated.  The Programme may be terminated at any date and we will provide clear notice at least three (3) months prior the termination date. Notice will be done by email using the email address that you registered with when creating your account. P&G will not be liable if this email address is no longer used by you, if you do not read the notification email, if you do not receive the email because of technical issues that your email provider is responsible for or due to a malfunction of your device, or if your email lands in your spam folder.

Between the notice and the termination, there will be some transition time for you to continue to earn and redeem points, but we may need to disable the Programme’s features in various stages (application download, scanning, earning, redeeming, gifts availability, referral scheme) within that transition. But rest assured, termination of the Programme does not include termination of other Pampers Club features: you remain a registered member of the Club which will still provide you with relevant offers, including coupons and samples and exciting website content, and if you elected to receive our offers by email, you will still get those.

Transition time will be at P&Gs discretion and we will give more details of those timings then. All unclaimed points will expire on the termination date of the Programme, so make sure you redeem them by midnight local time before the actual termination date. To be clear, P&G will have no obligation to accept claims for remaining points beyond the termination date of the Programme.

P&G is not obliged to give you three (3) months’ notice if the termination is due to a cause such as bankruptcy, insolvency etc.

P&G reserves the right to extend the Programme beyond the announced termination date and will tell you if this is the case.

10. Limitation of Liability

Unless otherwise provided by law, P&G is not liable for damages, loss, failures, delays caused by the Programme, nor for non-performance of the Programme, including its rewards. By registering, you accept that participation in the Programme is entirely at your own risk. If P&G is found liable for any issues associated with the Programme, then our liability will not exceed £100.

11. Disclaimer of Warranties

Unless otherwise provided by law, P&G is not bound by any warranty guarantees and the Loyalty Programme is for use “as is” and “as available”.

12. Taxes

You are solely responsible for any tax liabilities on rewards.

13. Acts beyond P&G's Control

There are some things we just can’t control! P&G may not be able to comply with these Terms because of force majeure or some other reason beyond our control. If such an extreme case were to persist for more than 60 days, we reserve the right to terminate Pampers Club and/or the Programme immediately by giving notice.

14. Governing Law and Applicable Jurisdiction

These Terms and any litigations or legal complaints are governed by the law of England and Wales.

15. Complete Agreement

These Terms, together with those items linked to these Terms are the entire agreement between P&G and you. These Terms replace any prior agreements.

16. Assignment

You cannot assign or transfer any of the rights and obligations (like, your points) in this agreement without the prior agreement of P&G.

17. Promoter


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Your Information

The Application collects the information you provide when you download and register it. It may collect certain information automatically, including the type of mobile device you are using, your device operating system, information on how you use the Application, etc. P&G UK is the controller of the information you provide and will process your data under P&G’s Privacy Policy which you can find here: We may share information about your use of the application with third parties on an anonymous basis with the only objective to understand and improve your user experience/your user journey.


The use of a mobile device may require monthly payment to a mobile network operator. You must have a subscription with a participating mobile network operator or have another means of accessing a mobile communications network on which we have made the Application available. You must also provide the equipment and software necessary to connect to the Application, including – but not limited to – a mobile telephone or other functioning mobile device suitable for this purpose, according to specifications defined at our sole discretion for the use of the Application. You are responsible for paying mobile network usage fees and other fees you owe to third parties (including fees that your mobile network operator may invoice to you) in the context of your access, download and use of the Application.


The Application may be downloaded on certain types of mobile device through the applications hub of these devices. Compatible devices include the following: iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy S3 (Kitkat), Samsung Galaxy S5. P&G disclaims any liability for the receipt of services requested, insofar as the provision of the information depends on the transmission from your mobile network operator.

Warranties disclaimer

The application is provided 'as-is' without any warranty of any kind. You use this service at your own risk. P&G expressly disclaims any explicit or implicit warranty with regards to the application or its content, including any implicit availability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement.

P&G disclaims any warranty that the functions contained in the services will be available without interruption and free from errors, nor that the errors will be corrected or the Application is free of viruses or other deleterious elements. P&G does make any commitment or offer any warranty as to the use or results of the use of the components of the Application in terms of accuracy, precision, reliability, or others. The operation of the Application will be interrupted from time to time for various reasons, for example, in case of lack of network coverage from your mobile network operator, unavailability or when P&G or your mobile operator carry out periodical maintenance of sites and services.

Liability limitation

You understand and agree that downloading the Application on your mobile device is done at your sole discretion and at your own risk. You are solely liable for any possible damages to your mobile device or possible loss of information resulting from downloading and using the Application.


The Application makes use of Google Analytics to provide real-time summaries of usage for the use of mobile application developers. The Application collects and sends batched and anonymous user information, as well as a unique and anonymous identifier, to the servers of P&G and Google Analytics. Use of the Application is subject to the Google Analytics Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy Google Analytics Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy should be considered an integral part of these Terms of Use.

The application makes use of Adjust to provide real-time summaries of usage for the use of mobile application developers. The Application collects and sends batched and anonymous user information, as well as a unique and anonymous identifier, to the servers of P&G and Adjust. Use of the Application is subject to the Adjust Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy Google Analytics Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy should be considered an integral part of these Terms.

Fair Use

1. You have the right to post and, except where stated to the contrary, to electronically copy, download and print on paper parts of the elements of the Application, as long as it is for your personal and non-commercial use. Any other use of the elements of the Application is forbidden without prior written authorisation by P&G. The Application is for your personal use only. You are responsible for any use of the Application by yourself and by any persons you have authorised to use and access the Application.

2. You may not use the Application to send content requesting money or services.

3. You may not use the Application to send content containing viruses, Trojans, worms, malicious software, bots, spy Programmes or any other computer code aimed at damaging, interfering with, or insidiously intercepting or hijacking systems, data or information.

4. You may not provide or send on or via the Application any visual elements, text, photos, images, videos, audio sequences or any other material constituting junk mail, spam, advertising, adware, chain letters, pyramid systems and/or commercial offers. You may not send a same given content in a repeated manner during the course of a day or a week.

5. You accept to refrain from obscene, indecent or offensive language and to not provide or transmit on or via the Application, any graphical elements, text, photos, images, videos, audio sequences or any material of a defamatory, injurious, intimidating, harassing, racist, hateful or violent nature. You accept to refrain from making ethnic, religious or homophobic insults and/or personal attacks via the Application.

6. You accept to refrain from any language of a sexually explicit nature and to not provide or transmit via the Application any graphical elements, text, photos, images, videos, audio sequences or any other material of a sexually explicit nature. You will refrain from 'cyber sex' (in other words any virtual or simulated sexual acts) and you will refrain from inviting other persons to take part in 'cyber sex' on or via the Application.

7. You will not provide or transmit via the Application any graphical elements, text, photos, images, videos, audio sequences or any encrypted material that infringes on the privacy of others, that illustrates, mentions or encourages criminal behaviour, or that would give rise to liability or that violate local, regional, national, federal or international laws and regulations in any manner (for example regarding the use of narcotics or the consumption of alcoholic beverages by minors). You accept to use the Application solely for legal ends and you recognise that failing that, you may be held liable according to civil and criminal law. You may not provide or transmit on the Application any graphical elements, text, photos, images, videos, audio sequences or any other material than contains instructions on the manufacture or use of weapons and/or explosives.

8. You agree to not disturb, overwhelm, attack, modify, dismantle or interfere with the Application and its Programmes, equipment and/or associated servers in any manner, and you accept to not impede or interfere with the use of the Application by others.

9. You may not obtain unauthorized access to P&G servers by any means, including but not limited to using administrator system passwords or by pretending to be a systems administrator during the use of the Application or otherwise.

Intellectual property

1. You are responsible for ensuring that graphical elements, text, photos, images, videos, audio sequences or any other material that you transmit via the Application in no way violate any copyrights, trademarks, commercial secrets or the personal or property rights of any third parties, and that they are provided and transmitted with the authorisation of the bearer(s) of these rights.

2. The Application may contain graphical elements, text, photos, images, videos, audio sequences or other materials clearly provided for your use (hereafter the "Active elements"). These Active elements are the subject of regional, national and international protection by copyright and other legal provisions for intellectual property. Nonetheless, we and our licensors grant you the right and the limited and non-exclusive license to use the Active elements solely in the manner described by the Application and in accordance with these Terms and so long as you do not infringe on any copyrights or notice of property rights.

3. The Application contains graphical elements, text, photos, images, videos, audio sequences and Programmes provided by P&G or its licensors that are not clearly defined and provided for your use, including but not limited to the organisation, design, compilation, character and feel of the Application as well as the advertising content (hereafter the "Application Content". The Application Content is subject to regional, national and international protection by copyright and other legal provisions for intellectual property, and is the property of P&G and its licensors. It is strictly forbidden for you to copy, reproduce, publish, post, rearrange, redistribute, modify, revise, alter, wear, resize, disassemble, move, remove, delete or carry out any other usage or direct or indirect modification of the Application Content including but not limited to the removal or modification of advertising. P&G grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable license to download and use the Application Content on a compatible specific mobile device, and solely for your personal and non-commercial use. You will refrain from copying, modifying, executing, transferring, distributing, selling, creating derivatives, utilising or making available Application Content except for what is provided for in these Terms.

4. You do not have authorisation to use, for commercial or other ends not explicitly approved, by means of publication, retransmission, distribution, execution, caching, grouping or otherwise, elements obtained via the Application, including but not limited to the Asset elements and the Application Content, except where authorised by copyright law or other legislation, or when explicitly authorised by writing in these Terms, by P&G or by the Application.

Changes to the application and its terms of use

These Terms may be changed from time to time. The dates of the most recent updates will be communicated on or via the Application. Therefore, please consult it regularly. If you do not accept updated versions of the Application as soon as they become available, your experience may lack the most recent elements, functionalities and/or content and P&G expressly disclaims any liability in this regard. By continuing to use the Application you indicate your acceptance of all changes and revisions that affect the Agreement.

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