The Pampers Promise

The Pampers Promise

The Pampers Promise is our commitment to help make the world better for babies; a world where they can grow up happy and healthy.

At Pampers,
babies are our source of inspiration and motivation.

It is for them that we continuously innovate to offer high-performing and safe products. We carefully select our materials to design nappies and wipes that meet the needs of all babies and contribute to their happy healthy development.

It is for them that we constantly aim to preserve the Earth’s natural resources by steadily working to improve our know-how and encouraging responsible consumption. We do our best to innovate at every step of our products’ lifecycle to reduce their environmental footprint and help build a better world for the babies of today and tomorrow.

It is for them that we work hand-in-hand with experts. By collaborating with infant and childhood development experts such as pediatricians, pediatric dermatologists, nurses and midwives, as well as diverse community organisations every single day, we learn to better understand babies and their unique needs, so we can best support their development.

We know we can always contribute more to each and every baby, and we aim to fulfil the Pampers Promise by continuing to bring innovative products, preserve world resources and collaborating with experts to best support all babies, even the most vulnerable.

Our commitments

1. We continuously innovate to meet the needs of all babies: Parents should not have to compromise when choosing nappies and wipes for their babies. We will continue to provide high-quality products and to hold ourselves to the highest standards of safety and transparency.

  • We strive to offer nappies which provide excellent protection for babies and keep wetness away from their skin, especially overnight so they can sleep well. Our 700 scientists and researchers will continue learning from babies and design our products so they care for their delicate skin and their happy healthy development.
  • Nothing is more important to Pampers than safety and we thoroughly evaluate all materials to ensure they are safe and gentle on skin, for example with skin and other clinical tests. Working with independent toxicologists, laboratories and research institutes, we constantly strive to improve our products and assure the highest safety standards in the industry. Pampers nappies and wipes are endorsed by reputable organizations such as the European Society for Pediatric Dermatology (ESPD), the Skin Health Alliance (SHA), and approved by the British Skin Foundation.
  • As expected by parents and caregivers, we communicate openly and transparently about the composition of our products both on our packaging and our website.
  • We have launched the new Pampers Pure collection, a collection of nappies and wipes with thoughtfully chosen ingredients but still Pampers trusted protection. The nappies contain some plant-based ingredients, all from responsible sources: fibers produced from sugar cane; cellulose and premium cotton. Our Aqua Pure wipes are made with 99% water and organic cotton, and are endorsed by the ESPD.

2. We want to better preserve the natural resources of the world our babies will grow up in: We are committed to reducing the resources needed and lowering the environmental footprint generated at the different stages of a product’s lifecycle: design, production, packaging, distribution, product use and waste disposal.

  • While maintaining their performance, we want to lighten our products as to reduce waste and transportation emissions. Innovations such as the super absorber, and more lately the absorbent channels have enabled us to nearly halve the weight of our nappies over the last 20 years.
  • The factories that provide nappies to families all over the UK send zero waste to landfill as all waste generated is given a secondary use. This is true for all Pampers factories in Europe.
  • We know that more and more of our consumers care about what happens to the packaging of the products they purchase. We do too and we are working to ensure all our packaging is recyclable or reusable.
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  • We want to encourage responsible consumption. We have joined the voluntary Industry Code of Practice to ensure all wipes packs prominently displays the ‘Do Not Flush’ symbol, making it even more visible to consumers. And because our nappies keep babies dry, parents can decide when to change them to generate less waste.
  • We are the world’s first brand to have built a nappy recycling plant, operating at an industrial scale with new and advanced technology. The technology has been developed by Fater, a joint venture between P&G and Angelini Group, it is operating in Italy, and Pampers is now exploring the possibility of implementing this unique technology in other European locations in the near future. This technology helps all materials in our nappies to be transformed into secondary raw materials which can be used for new products, such as bottle caps, or school desks.

3. We work hand-in-hand with experts to support each and every baby: Because Pampers does not have all the answers, we are committed to developing partnerships with infant and childhood development experts and independent associations to meet the needs of all babies, including the most vulnerable.

  • We continue to support those that play a fundamental role in the happy, healthy development of every baby. UK Midwives work incredibly hard to deliver babies into the world, yet one in three admit they feel underappreciated and undervalued. Through the #ThankYouMidwife campaign and by working with the Royal College of Midwives Benevolent Fund, we have helped to rally the nation to show midwives how valued they are.
  • Through our collaboration with neonatal nurses and pediatricians, the Pampers Preemie Protection nappy has been specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the 60,000 babies born prematurely in the UK each year. We donate Pampers Preemie nappies to neonatal units in the UK and Ireland. We also work closely with our long-standing partner Bliss who provides support to parents of babies born prematurely or sick.
  • In partnership with UNICEF and with the support of parents around the world, we help protect millions of babies against neonatal tetanus. Since the Pampers-UNICEF partnership began in 2006, Pampers funding has already helped to eliminate Maternal & Neonatal Tetanus in 24 countries.