British Skin Foundation Charity Donation
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British Skin Foundation Charity Donation

The British Skin Foundation is the only UK charity dedicated to raising funds for research into all types of skin disease. Skin disease doesn't just affect the skin. It can have a huge impact on a person’s day-to-day life, crush self-confidence, restrict movement, lead to depression and put a huge strain on families as well as personal relationships.

Atopic eczema is common in children, affecting at least 10% at some stage and usually starting in the first weeks of life. Eczema usually disappears during childhood but for some it can carry on into teenage or adult years. The causes of atopic eczema are still not fully understood and further research is needed to learn more about the condition. 

Our unwavering commitment to funding quality research means we won’t stop until we’ve found cures for common skin problems such as eczema. We are proud to be leading the fight against skin disease, raising more than £15,000,000 for over 300 research projects since 1996. 

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