Pampers Club Application


Discover your new Pampers Club app

With the new Pampers Club app, get points every time you buy Pampers products and exchange them against a multitude of rewards, gifts and coupons.

Just take a picture of your receipt and start earning points straight away! Every transaction captured will transform itself into points which will automatically be credited onto your Pampers account. At any time, you can exchange your acquired reward points against rewards available on our catalogue.

How to use the Pampers Club app?

Login using your Pampers details (or create an account) and start earning points which you will then be able to convert into rewards!

If you do not have a Pampers account, registering is quick and easy through the app.

Collect points for each Pampers product purchased. You just need to take a quick picture of your receipt, either from stores, or an online purchase in which a Pampers product appears. Receipts are valid for the first 30 days following your purchase.

For each pound spent on a Pampers product, you will receive 10 points on your Pampers account. These points will then enable you to redeem rewards.

Once your receipt has been validated and your points have been credited to your account, you will receive an automatic notification on your smartphone.

You can exchange your points for Pampers rewards at any time!

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