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Every parent dreams of a healthy start in life for their baby

Help eliminate newborn tetanus

1 pack = 1 vaccine*

For every pack you buy we donate the cost of one vaccine against newborn tetanus.
Help make it possible for more babies to have a healthy start in life.
Get £24 off entry to Alton Towers, including the new CBeebies land, with selected packs of Pampers*

Is your child ready for potty training?

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You might be ready to move on from nappies, but is your child? Look out for these signs that tell you your child is emotionally and physically ready to start potty training.
Read is your child ready for potty training?

Play freely in Pampers'
best dryness and fit

New Pampers Active Fit, part of the Pampers Premium Protection™ range, have a longer absorption layer to absorb even better, no matter how your baby moves. And with 3-Way Fit, Active Fit perfectly adapts to the waist, legs and bottom, supporting movements like rolling over or stretching

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Pampers Baby-Dry
For up to 12 hours of dryness

Pampers Baby Dry have Double Dry-Zones to
lock in wetness better than the next leading nappy.

Are wipes right for you?

Baby wipes are proven safe, effective and convenient. With Pampers we've combined gentle softness and skincare with the convenience mums love.

It doesn't cost much to make your special moments last

Simply Dry's trusted dryness at an affordable price means that you can make the most of every moment with baby.

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For a good night’s sleep
trust the UK’s No.1

Our nappies are designed to offer up to 12 hours of
dryness, a great fit, and comfort for your baby’s skin.
P12M Nielsen data to June 2012
For a good night’s sleep

Five ways to encourage your toddler to talk

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It’s a wonder to hear your previously speechless toddler suddenly start to form words and talk. With patience, a sense of humour, and plenty of opportunities for talking, you’re in for some special moments.
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Create your own Baby Diary

Our Baby Diary makes it easy to record every precious moment in your baby's life as they happen. You can add notes and milestones to the calendar, upload your favourite photos, and plot your baby's growth. It's a growing collection of memories that you can share with family and friends.
Create your own Baby Diary

Baby development: 18 to 21 months

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Who's that baby? From 18 to 21 months, you may not recognize your little one as she learns to climb, walk, and play with others. Read more about baby development during these months.
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Successful potty training: Think like a child

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You might not be afraid of "the monster down the toilet", but your child probably is. So to succeed at potty training your toddler, you need to look at the process from her point of view. And here's how.
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